Are you suffering from weight problems, chronic pain or chronic skin conditions? Congratulations, you have finally found the answer you have been looking for.

You can have a tight body, pain free life, and clear skin through natural foods and simple lifestyle changes.

How am I so certain? It's because I have done it...

When you heal yourself, you heal the things around you. This way, you and I, together, become the power to heal the world.

Take advantage of the Proven Health & Wellness System I have built through my wellness journey, reversing a chronic skin condition, seborrheic dermatitis. I also lost 14 pounds in 12 months & have been medicine FREE since 2015. 

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"Sun is prepared and organized - and most importantly, comes with a great attitude. Working with Sun is easy and enjoable. She is an engaging speaker and educator with clear direction."

Rebecca Torpie - marketing director of Co+opportinity Market & Deli

FACT: You are the MASTER of your genes, not the victim

And this isn't something I made up...neither is the importance of natural foods and simple life style changes. Your genes determine only 25% of your health. YOU determine your health by using 75% of your power to turn on good genes and turn off bad genes (at least turn them down)... It's straight from scientific research, https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK19932/

Let's look at the lowest hanging fruit first, diety upgrade. I call it "upgrade", not change because our current food system is largely broken. Majority of our daily foods come from far away, are genetically modified and pumped up with chemicals. Therefore, the quality and variety of foods that your body needs to express healthy genes are scarce. Eating 5 servings of fruits and vegetables is great. But the real question is "What is the quality of these foods"? 

Now, do you see why having the awareness of what you put in your body is important? 
I know you are busy. You are tired after work. You don't even have enough time to sleep. This is exactly why you need a strategy to get healthy or to maintain your wellness. You need a simple, easy to implement system so that you can express health, not disease. By providing the right environment for your body and mind, your body and mind will effectively use the magnificent systems inside you. To name a few, the immune system, regenerative system, and endocrine system. This is exactly what the Health & Wellness  System is all about... 

Health & Wellness Boost Session For Your Optimal Health

The Health & Wellness System was created over four years of overcoming my health challenges with seborrheic dermatitis and joint pain. By changing my diet and lifestyle, I have become MEDICINE FREE, including steroids, since 2015. The side effects were even better. I've become fitter than ever before in my life although I eat more fat and exercise less. I have less pain in my body. And, my mood is elevated. 

My goal is to empower you with my findings. Now, I know that YOU can become the source of your own healing - with the right guidance. When you heal yourself, you’ll see that you heal the things around you. This way, you and I, together, become the power to heal the world. 

The Health & Wellness System is a marriage between the cutting edge science of epigenetics and the ancient wisdom of using the body's innate power of healing.

Here's what's covered in the Health & Wellness Boost Session...

- Upon purchase, you'll receive a link right away to schedule a session with me at your convenience 

- Receive the links of  The Ultimate 3 Kimchi Recipe Book & Hungry Gopher's Simple Korean Cooking Book right away to download as gifts (limited time only)

- Find out where you are now.
      - I'll ask 3 simple questions for you to answer before the session via email.
      - You'll invest 5 minutes to answer the 
3 simple questions. 
      - I will make an assessment of where you currently are in your health goal based on your answers.

- Provide you a strategy to where you want to be.
      - During the 30 minute session, you'll receive a personalized strategy based on the answers you provided. We'll focus on one health goal for you to reach in 30 days. This will guarantee that you set out on the right path for your wellness journey. When you achieve your goal, you'll witness the genetic potential within you. You'll learn some simple tools to help your genes express health, not disease. As a result, you'll have more energy and mental clarity to keep moving forward to reach your optimal health.

-  Additional health and wellness tips & resources from the Gopher.

Personally, I wish I would have had this simple, step-by-step strategy to follow when I first started my wellness journey to reverse my chronic skin condition, joint pain, and depression. This would have saved me a lot of time and pain. To be exact, it would have saved me FOUR years. 

So, Save Time and Pain by following The Health & Wellness System
I've already done the hard work, made all the mistakes, and figured out what works (and what doesn't). Believe me, I made some mistakes quite a few times along the way...
...and I had learned about Epigenetics about 10 years ago, but it took me six years to reap the benefit from what I have learned. That was when steroids stopped working...

That’s why I'm so careful to document WHAT WORKS into simple, easy-to-follow strategy so you can enjoy your health and wellness journey without pain.

In the past, transitional research takes about 17 years to become public knowledge. Fortunately, you don't have to wait 17 more years to learn about the good news from science, epigenetics. What's fascinating about these cutting edge scientific researches is that how marvelously we are designed to heal. The wisdom that our ancestors have practiced for hundreds of years. Now, I’m sharing this information and my insight available to you. (You’ll see why in just a bit.)

So now you don’t have to do it alone!

Normally these sessions can be only purchased as a package. I reserve them for the people who are truly committed to optimizing their health. A one-hour individual session is $210, but for a very limited time you can purchase a 30-minute session and receive my two Health & Wellness cookbooks for just $22.


Literally, you can have a fancy lunch at a restaurant OR you can:

- Nourish your body and mind with natural foods to look good and feel great
- Save time (by not having to learn from multiple mistakes)
- Avoid potential health mishaps
- Enjoy delicious, natural foods on a daily basis without giving your whole wallet to health food stores
- Relish the health benefits with the personalized, simple lifestyle changes that suit your needs and personal circumstances.
- Avoid health-attempt burn out by trying various unproven, quick fixes with mixed results. This Health and Wellness System works.

The choice is yours…

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